Replacing a Roof, Siding or Windows?

Sterling Concepts Will Exceed Your Expectations!

The Sterling Concepts Experience

Our Tailored Commitment For You

We create a long-lasting positive impact through exceptional hard work and customer service. Our quality begins with seamless communication, meticulous clean up and going the extra mile. When hiring Sterling Concepts, you will you receive beautiful siding, windows or roof, but your entire experience will be simple, seamless and stress-free.

Why Replace?

We will provide you with a full consultation to explain all available options so you can choose the best approach to building a plan that’s right for you. 

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Which Product?

We strive to save you both time and money by combining our expertise, knowledge and experience to use quality materials to endure all of nature's elements.  

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Who We Are

Our Story


Family Owned Since 2007 by the Sterlings 

After many years, we realized a common industry problem that no one is willing to address. Even though most company's could hammer a nail, customers were left frustrated, dissatisfied and sometimes feeling cheated. This was primarily due to lack of communication, inadequate cleanup with little attention to detail which yields shoddy work with inconsistent results.

The need for a company that consistently delivers great customer service, using the best available technology and quality is our goal. We formed The Sterling Concepts Experience as a positive solution to this industry problem.

Sterling Concepts uses a proprietary method to install a beautiful, durable and quality materials to withstand the harshest weather for many years ahead. We've worked with many people just like you. Consistency in every detail, communication and specification with no deviation from one project to the next is The Sterling Concepts Experience.


We are talent and skill, like artisans, they work for us year-round and led by a highly trained an onsite Crew Leader who oversees the quality of the project from start to finish and communicates with you on all issues in a timely manner.

Our Locations


900 W 7th Street #319

Saint Paul, MN  55102

P. 651.214.3712


1658 S Knox Ct

Denver, CO 80219

P. 651.214.3712


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